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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Non-Scam Best PTC and PTV

Tired with scam site? Best PTC sites is listed here. For you who don't know what PTC is, PTC is Paid-to-Click advertising. "PTC = you make money by seeing ads. "How could that be possible, you might ask? Every Company have things to sell, and they want advertise their product.So here go to PTC site that offer just that, visitor to tell what the company is selling and in return the PTC site charge the company some advertising fee. Now the PTC site give you extra money to visit the company website. In This Page I have put a list of my Best PTC Sites right now. Visit the sites and check whether you like it.

List of PTC site (1 cent per click)

Trusted site ever.

Paid to view is PTV popular site among users. You will get paid by watching videos and earn money. Easy right? With right strategy, you can earn a lot of money with it. the strategy is referrals. keep renting and recycle inactive referral. make sure you have enough money in main balance to maintain the referrals.

PVT site:



Legit and Best Aurora site!!!

Aurora site just like PTC site but it has cheap ads. BUT, minimum payout it extreamly low!!! I found a site that has no minimum payout. You will get paid every week to Paypal,!!! Interested? Join now!!! It is easy to increase your balance. My first day joined, I make around 8 cent!!! Good Luck!!!

Get Paid To Post:
You will get paid to create new discussion, reply someone discussion and upload image.

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(Get paid to promote and post at the forum; 16cent per post and limit to 5 post in one day)


Free Traffic Exchange That Pay You

Pay4Surf - Paying Manual Traffic Exchange!

Ratio : 4:3
Surf Timer: 20 sec

Every your main point reach 10, you can exchange it to cash worth 0.001!!! (1 visit = 0.75 Main point). You can request payout if you reach 0.01 cent. I got payout in the first day I joined this site.